Coldfusion FindMyiPhone Component

Posted on August 31, 2015 by

Yet another requirement of my current project is to be able to periodically report back the physical location of the device as the drivers deliver their loads wherever they are deliverying them. Also handy to be able to detect if the device is charging and the battery status — and send an alert to, Read More

The other day I mentioned that I’m working on a web-based mobile app which has to work fully offline and occasionally sync back to the servers when the browser has a data connection.  We’ll be using iPads for this app, and while they will have 3G or LTE connections, I can’t count on having, Read More

In my current project, I’ve been presented with a fairly simple problem.  My end-users need to be able to populate custom instructions for customer delivery sites. For example, one sight might have an instruction: ” do not stack.”  Another might have an instruction that says: “pallet jack needed.”  Or “height: 180cm”.  Whatever.  I don’t have any, Read More

I’ve been working on setting up a common set of components at my workplace which we can leverage in some of the dozens of one-off applications we have developed in-house. In the current environment, each application lives largely in its own world, with separate application settings. Yet many of them share a great deal, Read More

So one of the tasks I’ve been given this week is to find out of I can leverage¬†a propriety dll with Coldfusion to examine the inside of some proprietary CAD objects and return information about them. ¬†The DLL itself came with a Visual Basic project.   Thing is, I haven’t touched Visual Basic since, Read More