I’ve been working on getting familiar in more detail with the new features of SQL Server 2014, and the first thing I discovered is that I’m woefully out of date on all matters SQL.  I’ve worked extensively with versions 7 though 2008, less so with 2012 and none (so far) with 2014. So, my, Read More

I’ve been working on setting up a common set of components at my workplace which we can leverage in some of the dozens of one-off applications we have developed in-house. In the current environment, each application lives largely in its own world, with separate application settings. Yet many of them share a great deal, Read More

Previously I wrote a little about how I was struggling to connect a dotnet component with Coldfusion. After some wrestling I was able to create the object in coldfusion and see its methods. The next step, of course, is to actually do something with it. With this app, the goal is to open cad, Read More

So one of the tasks I’ve been given this week is to find out of I can leverage a propriety dll with Coldfusion to examine the inside of some proprietary CAD objects and return information about them.  The DLL itself came with a Visual Basic project.   Thing is, I haven’t touched Visual Basic since, Read More